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The John Jay Boosters Club, Inc.

Meeting Minutes – February 3, 2021

Via Zoom




Attendance: Lorraine Gallagher, Liz Katz-Gonzalez, Julia Hadlock, Bob Wilmoth, Jill Altneu

Chris McCarthy, Jennifer Summer, Rob Cummings, Randy Samuelson, Greg Degl, Stacey Neumann, Heather Brennan, Rich Ellrodt, and Stacey Wierl.


Called to order: 7:10pm

Approval of January 6, 2021 Minutes: Liz Katz-Gonzalez & Julia Hadlock


Presidents Report: (Lorraine Gallagher)

  • Pete is trying to figure out a way to get the notices out to all for the meetings.
  • Went through the by-laws to make us in compliance.

- Some wording issues.

- Membership open to the general public.

- Most things can be voted for by a full membership vote.

- No term limits.

- Reviewed Board member position duties.

- Quorum of 3 instead of 4 members to make a majority vote.

- Will vote on changes next meeting.

-    Chris Bocklet – Community member now living in Florida- was in a long boarding accident. Recovering in a treatment center. Would like to put on Boosters page if people want to support the GoFundme efforts.


Financial Report: (Bob Wilmoth)  

  • Donation for $1,000 from KLBS.
  • Received the $250 from Wrestling and $250 for Football for the $500 Thalia Award
  • Accountant fee was $2,400
  • Year to date – Just over $3,000 for membership
  • Year to date - $1,300 in general donations
  • Easy Merchant was a $45/month fee, which has since been cancelled.
  • Lorraine has a check for $1,000 to give to Bob from the auction of the Indians merchandise.


AD Report: (Chris McCarthy)

  • Getting things lined up for high risk sports. Things were put into place and then there were new compliance rules.
  • Need a new resolution. The BOE will work on that. Goal is to get a Board resolution as soon as possible.
  • Need get the COVID Code of Conduct finalized to be distributed, hopefully by the end of this week to be in compliance with the new regulations.
  • Must have a 2020/2021 school year physical. If not on file with the nurse, will need one. If had COVID, must get clearance from a Cardiologist. 
  • Hopeful to start practicing by the weekend.

AD Report Cont’d: (Chris McCarthy)

  • 50 Bleacher seats were ordered to be installed.
  • Ice time was already scheduled. $500/hour for Ice time a Brewster Ice Arena. 
  • NYS cancelled Spring sports championship games. Will probably be able to go to the 13th of June. 
  • Snowstorm and snow in the forecast presents challenges.
  • Winter Track- the Armory backed out and became a COVID vaccination center.
  • Ski team -challenges are that Thunder Ridge is overloaded. 2 meets cancelled due to snow. Trying to get to Catamount. Had to get approvals. May be able to have races and practices there.
  • Hopeful that tomorrows meeting on 2/4 will give some time frames.
  • Stacey thanks Chris for getting kids out there, and questioned with no official start date, are they going to be able to keep up the open gyms, and skate sessions.
  • Started off season football workouts. They did everything right. Was going to start that up again but had to be cautious. 
  • For wrestling, in the Section, there will be matches at this point, but if John Jay does, is yet to be determined. 
  • Director if the Board of Health does not think that wrestling is a great idea.
  •  Andrew Selesnick is aware of the emotional impact it is having on the kids.
  • Lorraine posed the question of multi-Sport athletes. They are anticipating some overlapping, but hopefully that is not more than a week.
  • Local Live is in place,so families can watch off campus.
  • Fall 2 – Girls swim, football.
  • NCAA reclassified boy lacrosse to moderate risk. 
  • Considering lifting pause with combining MS/HS (ex. Girls hockey). Will revisit during the Spring.
  • Basketball will run with around 12 on roster. Smaller rosters than in the past.
  • Scholarships – Guidance office will give submitted applications to the Boosters Club. 3 board members plus Chris will review.


Spirit Wear/Merchandise: (Jennifer Summer)

  • Jen has been in contact with Carolyn to put together a Spring store. Some ideas were a beach towel, water bottles. 
  • Lorraine still has Hand sanitizers, tumblers, and masks.


Membership: (Liz Katz-Gonzalez)

  • Treasurer reported update to new members.
  • Blurb went into the High School community bulletin for membership and information about the Boosters Club. 


Senior Flowers: (Liz Katz-Gonzalez)

  • Only heard back from the bowling coach for a February 11th senior date with 6 seniors.



Meeting adjourned: 8:40pm

Minutes submitted by: Liz Katz-Gonzalez


Next meeting will be held on March 3, 2021