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The John Jay Boosters Club, Inc.

Meeting Minutes – March 3, 2021

Via Zoom



Attendance:  Peter Gallagher, Lorraine Gallagher, Jill Altneu, Bob Wilmoth, Liz Katz, Rich Elliott, Rob Cummings, Chris Wierl, Anna Mercer


President’s report –

  • bylaw changes were approved
  • lawn sign fundraiser was approved.  Will be for all athletes.  Lorraine will follow up with Chris to determine who needs to be contacted in administration for approval to post signs on campus
  • Jill Altneu, Rob Cummings and Peter Gallagher agreed to serve on the scholarship committee.  I will get the information from Barbara Semenetz and pass it along. 
  • Voted to proceed with All Section gift for athletes at end of year, but there will be no banquet this year.  


Treasurer’s report – 

  • quiet month - AIA store $650 and auction -$1,005.  Nothing else processed for February.


  • Had a minor glitch - Bridget Wanek’s address was being used for Chase credit cards. Bob will go to Chase and change it to the president’s address. All the credit cards default to a $10,000 limit and $1,0000 debit.  Bob advised we can change to employee credit cards to change the limit. Bob will work on getting the limits adjusted. 


Julia Hadlock is working on the social media postings for seniors.


Jenn Summer is working on a new store with AIA for the spring.


Rich Ellrodt is updating the membership lists on the webpage.  He will work on a new section for the minutes. He also suggested having people pre-register for the monthly Zoom meeting.


Rob Cummings - Trail run for June 27 is a possibility but it could also be July 11.  Need to finish last part of the trail.  Hoping to have the land leveled out and the last railroad ties put in place. 


Liz  Katz reported one new membership.  Senior flowers will be finished on Friday.  


Pete Gallagher made a motion that we don’t restrict scholarship awards to a child of a  member of the boosters club.  6 ayes.  1 nay.


Booster Club administers - Lyons Family and Collins Scholarship. Booster Club  funds JJ Booster scholar athlete, 2 JJ athletic scholarship, Lindsay Bates, Martin Todd.  


Motion to adjourn