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The John Jay Boosters Club, Inc.

Meeting Minutes – April 7, 2021

Via Zoom



Attendance:  Peter Gallagher, Lorraine Gallagher, Jill Altneu, Bob Wilmoth, Chris McCarthy, Rob Cummings, Jim Falino, Liz Katz, Greg Degl, Stacey Wierl, Anna Mercer


President’s report –

  • Administration approved placing lawn signs for athletes around the school.  Lorraine will work on ordering the signs.  


Treasurer’s report – 

  • quiet month - $304 in memberships. Expenses included $300 for senior flowers and $700 for website renewal.


Athletic Director report – 

  • Volleyball, football and swim team are undefeated so far
  • Boys basketball set a record with playing 6 games in  6 days.  They won 5 of them
  • Ice hockey seasons were great – both boys and girls
  • Girls basketball played great against Byram Hills in the playoffs.
  • Winter track was disappointing.  We had agreed to have the season only because Section 1 advised we would have access to the Armory.  After that option was taken away, Section 1 didn’t help find an alternative.
  • There were a few team quarantines.  
  • We expect to have a mostly normal spring offering with modified, JV and varsity sports, but we’re not sure yet what spectators will be allowed
  • Requested funds to add a logo in the turf in the baseball field.  School paid $4,900 for the turf halo.  Logo cost an additional $600.  Vote was unanimous to approve the expenditure
  • In the spring, the school will follow Section 1 rules on spectators.  Schools can be more restrictive than Section 1.  Some schools may not allow any spectators.  The Executive Committee will meet in about a week and make a decision. 
  • With regard to the trail race, he has not heard about any numbers that would be allowed for the race yet. The town has not yet announced if they are commencing races again. Rob advised that in Bedford, the Riding Lanes Association is running a race in the town.  Rob has not heard about Lewisboro Memorial Day races yet.  The Katonah 5K will be in September. Yorktown is allowing 200 people in the State park race.  Green Chimneys had a race in November
  • JV softball coach is being finalized.  Kim Mammoser will help with varsity when she is finished with modified.  Every level will have 2 coaches.
  • Set to have section championships this spring.  There will be about a 5 week regular season. Playoffs will be 1 week – 10 days.  Baseball and softball will be split into 2 leagues and then a championship between each league.



Committess – 


Liz reported that for senior flowers, only have swim team left on April 13.Julia Hadlock is working on the social media postings for seniors.


Jenn Summer is working on a new store with AIA for the spring.


Meeting adjourned.