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John Jay Booster Meeting

May 5, 2021



Call to order – 7:14


Attendees: Peter Gallagher, Jenn Summer, James Falino, Bob Wilmoth, Liz Katz, Rob Cummings, Chris McCarthy, Anna Mercer, Marc and Jill Altenau


Approval of Minutes

  • Rob made motion
  • Jenn second
  • Approved


President’s Report

  • No report


Treasurer’s Report

  • One member joined
  • Donation got - $2000 
  • Merchandise - $200
  • Expense - $400 for flowers


Reports of Standing and Special Committees

  • Merchandise (Jenn)
    • Senior T Shirts
      • Decision made to avoid the names
      • Will be for senior athletes
      • PG made a motion to spend $1,500 for each athlete
      • Rob C second
      • Chris to send email distribution for seniors to Jenn so she can email the seniors school email so they can go online to order the right size
      • Approved 
    • Jenn to launch a site with merchandise that would come in mid June that is more lightweight summer early fall merchandise 



  • Fundraising
    • Lawn Signs (Lorraine) 
      • Deadline is May 8
      • Link posted on Facebook
      • Email sent to booster email list
      • Folks reporting that they have not seen the posting
      • Need help getting word out
        • Needs to go to community pages
        • Chris can follow through with Coaches to make sure they are aware. It will be best effort – Peter to send Chris the link
      • Should we extend deadline by one week to 5/15
      • Need to make sure that it is clear that the signs will be posted by the field where the team played


  • Membership (Liz)
    • One new member this month 


  • Senior Flowers (Liz)
    • In contact with coaches
    • All set for upcoming senior dates, some completed


  • Website (Rich/Greg)
    • Seems to be issues with mail distribution lists


  • Athletic Director’s Report
    • Approaching middle of Spring Season
    • Playoffs will start early June
    • Approach to manage section playoffs is slightly different based on sport. Section is moving to an approach of large school/small school
    • The athletic department is under pressure to comply with the Covid rules published by Section 1. JJCR appears to be taking this more seriously than other schools. This is the reality of the situation, so we need to comply event other schools don’t. It may be frustrating for parents and players, but the mandate from the Board is clear that JJCR must comply with the section 1 standards
    • Chris committed to host two cross country dual meets next year on the new trail


New Business

  • Question about doing an all section dinner: Those awards will probably come out is Friday June 4th the earliest, the only option would do a very limited outdoor event. Do we want to do gifts at a minimum for the All Section athletes. It is one item for each athlete – Jenn to take point on this


  • Liz elevated the concern that elementary schools were using the Wolves logo for merchandise. In the future if this occurs, then we need to escalate to the Athletic Director. Chris to discuss with all elementary school principles. Peter to speak to Bill from AIA about the school’s policy



  • Positions to fill for 2021-2022 Booster Club





Rob Cummings would do it for 2 years



Football Gate



Rich and Greg

Social Media

Rich and Greg




Jenn Summer

Senior Flowers

Jill Altneu




Sunday June 13th is the John Jay Trail Race

  • Have 100 people registers
  • 150 cap on participants
  • 200 spectators




Overview of Boosters

  • Fundraising for sports
  • Operate all the financials for sports except lacrosse and wrestling
  • Major fund raisers
  • Want team representatives to participate