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How much does the John Jay Boosters Club membership cost?

Membership fees start at $50 per family for each annual school year. Multi year memberships are available. Two Year- $90, Four year - $175 and Lifetime Memberships at $500.   Larger contributions are welcome and we are thankful for your generous support! We are a public charity under the IRS code 501 (c) (3). Accordingly, contributions are generally tax deductible under section 170 of the IRS code. Contributions at fundraising events are deductible only above any Fair Market Value of any items or services provided.

What schools(s) does the Boosters support?

The John Jay Boosters Club focus is to support all schools and students in the Katonah-Lewisboro School District by supporting the goals and programs of the Director of Health, Physical Education, Athletics and Wellness. We have been focused on the physical education and athletic programs at the JohnJay High School and John Jay Middle School through our fundraising efforts and donations. 

How can I get involved in the Boosters?

We welcome all members of the greater Katonah-Lewisboro community. We generally meet the first Wednesday of each month in the health room at John Jay High School  or via Zoom at 7:00 pm.  If you would like to get involved or have suggestions, please contact us! The more hands on deck, the more we can accomplish.

How do funding requests come to you? 

Typically the Director of Health, Physical Education, Athletics and Wellness suggests a funding need.  We strive for satisfying requests that benefit the most students at a particular time. We also take suggestions from our membership and the community at large. All requests are either reflected in our annual budget or voted on by general membership at our monthly meetings.

How are the Boosters different from parent groups that support individual teams? 

The Boosters focus their efforts on donations and projects that benefit the widest population of students or that are traditionally not covered by team parent groups. Usually our donations are for programs and equipment that are higher cost and have a life of longer than one year.  Individual team parent groups come together yearly to help support each team with food, additional spirit wear associated with just that team and other smaller items. The level of support and involvement really depends on the team and varies from year to year.

I have a child in the elementary school so why should I join the Boosters? 

Because our projects typically benefit the widest population of students, if you child is involved in any school or community sports program your child is being effected by our efforts. Many of the elementary school students use the facilities and play on the district fields. Our projects also have a longer horizon and with a long lead time for fundraising and implementation - the benefits are often felt by future generations. If you want to enrich your child's experience in the middle and high school years the planning often starts years before they step foot in the buildings. In addition, our faculty representative has the view of the total district's needs and priorities. The elementary schools are considered during any prioritization discussion. Last but not least, the Boosters is a community wide group of people who encourage sportsmanship and involvement at all ages. Membership and volunteering is just one way your leadership impacts the life of your child.