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Through your donations and the club's annual fundraising, the John jay Boosters Club is able to fully fund 4 annual scholarship awards.  In addition, we administer 5 awards that are funded solely by individual grantors.  These five additional awards also recognize the accomplishments of our athletes.

Depending upon the award, the athletes are selected by the individual grantor of the award or by our guidance department. Our guidance department relies on input from our athletic department to assure that specific athletic criteria is met for each award.  The John Jay Boosters Club board or members are not involved in the selection process.

We are proud of all of our athletes and their accomplishments, and as a Boosters Club we hope to continue to recognize our athletes' accomplishments both individually and as a team.

Congratulations to the seniors who received the following Boosters Club Awards at the 2015 Senior Recognition Night:

The Lindsey Bates Award

  • Carter Henry
  • Dakota Adamec​

The Booster Club Scholarship

  • Ryan Lee
  • Amanda Flayhan

The George Collins Scholarship

  • Johanna O'Reilly
  • Vincent Foti

Kenneth Gramas Memorial Scholarship

  • Liam Hackett

L. Ronald Lyons Scholarship

  • Shane Gorman
  • Daniel Jenkins

Robert Schmidt Memorial

  • Ryan Monasch

Lisa Talia Courage Award

  • Isabelle Page

Martin Todd Memorial Scholarship Award

  • Kimberlee Dolhon
  • Benjamin Smith

Dr. Nick Daniello Scholarship 

  • Theresa Swertfager